AVIT’s strength and efficiency is based on the capacity to give the respective customer qualifiedadvice and assistance in the Consultant’s wide range of services offered and to have the ability totransfer know-how and expertise in a logical and understandable manner

AVIT is a business endeavor aiming at serving the needs of the national market through focused, efficient, and quality services in all areas of endemic technology and applications

Today, making a claim can be a stressful experience for some people. AVIT surveyors will explain how our experienced Claims Surveyors make the situation as comfortable as possible for you

We understand you need your claim to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible so life can return to normal. We have found that building losses are often better dealt with face to face with you. In these circumstances, we ask either a Loss Adjuster or a Claims Surveyor to help ensure the claim is settled as promptly and easily as possible

  • We are making the process of insurance survey and loss assessing easy by our EFFICIENT SERVICES. Our DEDICATED STAFF and QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS are working effectively to give WORLD CLASS SERVICES. Our team is EXPERIENCED in taking timely inspections and taking forensic investigations. We handle inspections PROMPTLY and EXPERTLY and provide DETAILED INFORMATION of investigations. We are always ready to serve our clients and looking for continuous GROWTH. We are ready to accept any CHALLENGE and want to use our EXPERIENCE

We make it possible for the Clients and Insurers to understand and be sure about all the aspects

We have Successfully Complete Major Claim Surveys and also handled major projects of Loss Assessors

Our independent team of Chartered Accountant, Civil Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers are frequently helping us to serve various requirements of variegated industries effectively

Pan India Presence

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